The Bridgeman Family’s NICU Journey

It’s time for our December NICU Family of the Month! We are so thankful to have met Candice prior to the birth of her twin girls while she was on bedrest at Central Baptist! Early Bird Foundation is dedicated to praying for this family as they walk this long NICU journey! We stand in faith that God has a beautiful plan for Miyah and Micah and we are grateful to be able to watch it unfold!

Candice Bridgeman has given us permission to share her story with you:

At 10 weeks we found out that we were having mono/mono twins. This is a rare type of pregnancy that occurs in 1 in 10,000 of twins. It can be prone to complications as both babies share the same amniotic sac and same placenta. I was assigned a team of high-risk doctors who did extensive ultrasounds to look for cord entanglement and twin to twin transfusion. At 24 weeks, I️ was admitted to Central Baptist Hospital to go under monitoring three times a day to make sure the babies weren’t experiencing any of the above mentioned complications. The plan was to get me to 32 weeks where I️ would deliver via c-section. Unfortunately, during a monitoring session, one of my twins’ heart rate increased and her blood pressure decreased due to their umbilical cords being tied in a tight knot. Thank the good Lord the doctor was in the room when all of this happened. Within 5 minutes I️ was in the operating room being prepped for an emergency c-section. My girls were delivered at 25 weeks and 4 days. Micah Ann was 1 pound 11 ounces & 11.5 inches long. Miyah Arlene was 1 pound 7 ounces & 11.5 inches long.

They were stabilized and transferred to University of Kentucky Hospital. My husband and I️ live 2 hours south of Lexington so I️ have moved here to be with the girls until they are released from the hospital. My husband and 21 month old son come to be with us on the weekends. The twins are now 11 days old and fighting for their lives. They have both had ups and downs in this short time, but we are believing for a miracle. Please join us in praying for our precious girls!

Please join us in praying for Miyah and Micah as they continue to fight hard to grow and thrive! And for their parents as they deal with the many trials that go hand in hand with a long NICU stay!

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