The Allen Family’s NICU Journey

We are excited to bring you a new NICU Family Story of the Month this month! Evva Allen shares her family’s experience on their NICU journey. As a nurse herself, there was a lot that Evva understood medically that many of us may not, her story shows that even those with a medical background, maybeContinue reading “The Allen Family’s NICU Journey”

To the NICU Mom who isn’t producing much breast milk…

Breastfeeding blog posts are the all the rage on social media these days; articles about the benefits of breastfeeding and the bond it creates. Articles about the work and dedication it takes to be a breastfeeding mom.  Articles about how breast is best and how it isn’t impossible to breastfeed if correct actions and workContinue reading “To the NICU Mom who isn’t producing much breast milk…”

Mental Wellness in Pregnancy and the Post Partum Period

Pregnancy brings with it a tide of emotions. While some women describe feeling joyful, empowered, and hopeful during pregnancy and in the post partum period, others may struggle with feelings of sadness, isolation, anger, fear, uncertainty and even numbness. It is also not uncommon to experience a combination of extreme joy and devastating lows.   While some increased stress and sensitivity are common inContinue reading “Mental Wellness in Pregnancy and the Post Partum Period”

The Fletcher Family’s NICU Journey

This month we share another two time NICU mom’s story of two completely unexpected term NICU experiences with her boys. Often when the NICU is mentioned, people assume that the baby was born prematurely and while that is the case for a staggering number of NICU babies, it is not always prematurity that lands a babyContinue reading “The Fletcher Family’s NICU Journey”

The Jones Family’s NICU Journey

This month we hear from Cassandra Jones, a two-time NICU momma willing to share her journeys weathering the NICU twice. While having previous NICU experience gives a parent the benefit of having some knowledge of the journey going in, it is never any easier to experience the event of being separated from your newborn babyContinue reading “The Jones Family’s NICU Journey”