The Tackett Family’s NICU Journey

During this very special month of NICU Awareness, EBF is so proud to share with you our co-founder and EBF President, Ashton Tackett’s story. She is both a veteran and current NICU mom so she has a very unique perspective to share with us as a mom with two separate NICU journeys under her beltContinue reading “The Tackett Family’s NICU Journey”

The Lewis Family’s NICU Journey

Early Bird Foundation, Inc. is quickly coming upon its FIRST birthday! In light of this special occasion, we thought it might be a good idea to use these next two months to re-introduce ourselves to you all and tell our own stories. Since our President is currently journeying the NICU for the second time, thisContinue reading “The Lewis Family’s NICU Journey”

The Weatherford Family’s NICU Journey

A big thank you to Megan Weatherford for being willing to share her family’s precious story with us! EBF is so thankful to have been able to be a small part in your story and to have the opportunity to share it with others! Below Megan shares the story of their recent NICU journey: AContinue reading “The Weatherford Family’s NICU Journey”

The Campbell Family’s NICU Journey

Early Bird Foundation, Inc. had the absolute joy of meeting Adrian and Steven  several months back at a support group at one of our local hospitals! It was just shortly after the birth of their triplets and hearing their beautiful story and seeing the pure strength and the love that was radiating from them bothContinue reading “The Campbell Family’s NICU Journey”

The Wytiaz Family’s NICU Journey

Erin found her way to EBF after she made the decision to visit our monthly peer led support group for NICU families. We are so glad she did! It is extra special to us when we are able to meet a momma (or daddy!) who is right in the middle of their NICU journey. We loveContinue reading “The Wytiaz Family’s NICU Journey”