Some specific ways that we serve our NICU families include, but are not limited to:

  1. Monthly Peer-led NICU Family Support Group
    • Held at Ronald McDonald House of the Bluegrass and open to current NICU families from all Lexington hospitals and all past NICU families already discharged from their stay. We also welcome anyone who is expecting with a high risk pregnancy that may deliver early to drop in if they’d like! Dinner is provided during the group.
  2. “Fill Your Cup” Self Care Initiative:
    • delivering NICU Mom Water Bottles with self care encouragement tags to NICUs at all local participating hospitals monthly as well as the Ronald McDonald House of the Bluegrass.
    • Self-care is very important and often overlooked by mothers with babies in the NICU. EBF wants to promote the importance of self care to our families, especially NICU moms who are also still recovering from birth, by providing our mothers with a reminder to fill up their cup, literally and figuratively, so that they can continue to be the best parent for their NICU baby!
  3. Help Meet Family Specific Needs
    • NICU stays come with many potential issues that families may run into. We are a resource to which they can reach out for help in solving their individual needs.
  4. Care Packages
    • Our care packages include: a children’s book, a preemie or newborn outfit, a travel size hand sanitizer or lotion, grab n go snacks, a gift card, and a special gift for parents! Care packages are delivered to any family we visit before or during their NICU stay.
  5. Hospital Visits
    • Volunteers with NICU experience visit potential NICU parents who are pregnant and on bedrest in antepartum units with a potential or likely early delivery.
    • Follow ups as needed until delivery and emotional support after baby arrives
    • Prayers for current situation
  6. NICU Family of the Month Stories
    • Aid in spreading awareness of the difficulties of a NICU stay on the family by sharing the stories of some of the NICU families we get to know. These stories are written by the NICU families themselves and shared through our blog on this website and on our Facebook page.
  7. “Made With Love” NICU Mementos
    • Create personalized, unique name cards for NICU bassinets as a special keepsake for parents.
  8. Special Events
    • Throughout the year, we hold seasonal/holiday events to help NICU families feel a little sense of normal in a season of waiting!