The Cooper Family’s NICU Journey

Greg and Sara Beth Cooper have a beautiful story of trusting in God in spite of the odds put up against them and their sweet boys. Early Bird Foundation is thankful to have had the opportunity to know them and to have been able to watch their journey unfold and provide support where we can! We ask you to pray for this sweet family as they continue on their NICU journey and, ultimately, take their boys home and get to experience life after the NICU!

The Bridgeman Family’s NICU Journey

It’s time for our December NICU Family of the Month! We are so thankful to have met Candice prior to the birth of her twin girls while she was on bedrest at Central Baptist! Early Bird Foundation is dedicated to praying for this family as they walk this long NICU journey! We stand in faithContinue reading “The Bridgeman Family’s NICU Journey”

The Loy Family’s NICU Journey

For the month of January, we want to celebrate the Loy Family and their NICU journey after the early birth of their twins! Andrea shared with us this beautiful story of her trials, fears and emotions through preterm labor, bedrest, an early delivery and, ultimately, bringing home their two perfect miracles, Landon and Livia. EBF is so thankful to have met Andrea through her desire to volunteer with EBF and share her experiences to help other parents through the trials of NICU!